Our Vision

Tonagh Primary School . . .              


                     the future begins here


Mission Statement


Tonagh Primary School is a special place, full of learning, laughter and friendship, where children are happy, feel safe and are valued.


In Tonagh Primary School we promote a love of learning inspired by quality teaching and developing individual strengths and talents.


We are committed to Christian principles and promote a tolerance and respect for other faiths.  Differences are acknowledged and celebrated.  Everyone in our school community deserves to be cared for unconditionally and valued equally and uniquely.


In Tonagh Primary School we believe that learning should be purposeful and challenging.  We aim to equip pupils for lifelong learning.  We want our children to have ownership of their learning and to be proud of their achievements.


We believe that all members of our school community should work together and this will result in high standards, a respectful environment and successful learning.


In summary, Tonagh Primary School is all about education, enjoyment, exploration and excellence.  It is the place where your child’s future begins.