The Board of Governors, consisting of representatives of the Area Board, Transferors (representatives from the local churches), parents and staff, has responsibility for the appointment of staff and the running of the school.



Vice Principal:

Mrs A Stevenson

Mr D Livingstone


Mrs J Kerr (Nursery)

Mrs N Coleman (P1)

Mrs L Elliott (P2) 

Mrs S Curran (P3)

Miss L Mackin (P4) and Mrs S Voce (P4)

Mrs O Childs (P5) (SENCO) and Mrs S Voce (P5)

Miss R Stevenson (P6)

Mr D Livingstone (P7)


Additional Support Teachers:

Mrs S Topping

Mrs M Hull


The Principal and three senior members of staff form a management team responsible for the curriculum policies and aspects of the general administration of the school.

The Subject Co-ordinators, along with the Principal, are responsible for the development, organisation, evaluation and review of the programmes associated with the Areas of Study.

The Principal, Pastoral Care Co-ordinator/Child Protection Teacher lead the Pastoral Care team.  All staff are involved in this area.

Class teachers are responsible for delivering the N.I. Curriculum and ensuring the progress of pupils.  They also have responsibility for communicating with the Principal, senior staff and parents on academic and pastoral matters.

In addition to the teaching staff there are 16 classroom assistants: Mrs K Campbell, Mrs C Hewitt, Mrs A Sloan, Mrs S Robinson, Mrs N McCarthy, Mrs L Thompson, Mrs H Murphy, Mrs V Kidd, Miss S Burns, Mrs L Banks, Ms S Jones, Mrs S Fraser, Mrs E McCrossan, Miss E Armstrong, Miss M Childs, Miss J Lewis, Miss M Morgan, and Mrs J Brown.  All the ladies are integral members of the school team.

Furthermore, we are involved in training various students for NNEB, Child Development and Cache Diploma.

We have assisted a number of Post Primary Schools and past pupils by providing work placements during the academic year.

The secretaries and ancillary staff are also very important to the smooth running of the school.


Clerical Support

Mrs D McClements

Mrs I Bell

Buildings Supervisor Mr A Stevenson

Miss L Andrews

Ms J Hedges

Ms B Stewart

Ms K McBride

Classroom Assistants

As detailed above

Supervisory Assistants

Mrs K Sloan

Miss L Andrews

Mrs L Thompson

Mrs N McCarthy

Mrs I Bell

Mrs C Hewitt

Mrs H Murphy

Mrs L Banks

The Kitchen Staff provide an excellent meals service

Catering Assistants

Mrs C Conway

Mrs S McKee

Mrs B Stewart


All members of the Non-Teaching staff have been trained in aspects of Child Protection, Promoting Positive Behaviour and Anti Bullying Procedures. 

Our Staff are very supportive and are most appreciative of the parental support they receive.